Let's meet the world by interacting with foreigners.

Connecting classrooms around
the world!! Online International Exchange Platform

What is WorldClassroom?

WorldClassroom is a platform that connects people of the same generation around the world while promoting international exchange.It uses artificial intelligence and automatic translation to help both children and students acquire language skills.At the same time, the automatic evaluation system reduces the burden on teachers and allows them to focus on other aspects of teaching.

Connect around the globe with: WORLDCLASSROOM

We connect classrooms around the world online! Students explore new worlds and expand their values and possibilities.

Reducing the Burden of Teachers

We aim to build an evaluation system to reduce the burden on teachers in the five areas of the four skills of English education (Reading, Writing, Listening, Catch-ball Speaking, Presentation Speaking) which have been difficult for teachers to evaluate alone until now.

Realistic English Education

By interacting with peers, students will be able to use English in a practical way, which is difficult to achieve in a normal classroom setting. They will also have the opportunity to learn English through both input and output practice.

We operate a homestay matching service called "Hello World" in the town of Machinaka, with the aim of creating a peaceful society; where having one friend from each country in the world is the norm!

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic, it has become common for people to be connected online. But we are now faced with the restrictions on dialogue in classroom settings to prevent Corona infection.

It is precisely because of these circumstances that we aim to create opportunities to interact with people from around the world through the use of IT.

For instance, if students who share a common hobby or club activity could interact online with students from other countries, such as a lifting competition between the Spanish and Japanese soccer teams, their horizons would broaden and their interest in English and other foreign languages would increase exponentially!

We would like to expand the possibilities of interactive online English education and create opportunities to solve problems in the school setting while expanding students' world-view and cross-cultural adaptability!

We're looking for teachers who are interested in this initiative!

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