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WorldClassroom is an innovative EdTech platform that promotes students' language learning and facilitates intercultural exchange experiences. With WorldClassroom, students from different corners of the world can learn together as if they were in neighboring classrooms.


ロゴマーク Effective Educational Tool × Reduce Burdens on Teachers

WorldClassroom is utilized in various educational settings: English classes (small to mass class size), school clubs, after-school activities, etc. It is utilized for motivating students to communicate internationally, promoting students’ independence in learning, and assisting in improving students’ speaking skills. The research conducted in 2021 shows that WorldClassroom reduced the burdens of teachers as well as the improvement of students’ speaking and motivation in learning English. The WordClassroom has been implemented in 80 junior/junior high schools in Japan which adds up to 40,000 students this year.

*conducted with Nago junior high school and Omiya junior high school in Okinawa, collaborating with the Nago Board of Education

Services of WorldClassroom

Cultural Exchange is highly effective as it expands students’ horizons and practical English learning settings which allow students to use English in a practical way.
WorldClassroom assists students to create cycles of independent learning and improving motivation.


Main Functions


Video Cultural Exchange Class

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Teachers' Short Classroom Exchange

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New to Online Cultural Exchange Platform?
Supporting System from our Staff

“How can I introduce a new IT system to my students?” WorldClassroom staff will support you with utilizing our system. For instance, WorldClassroom staff will meet you through video chat for answering all your questions, set meetings for your school and school(s) in Japan before the Online Cultural Exchange Class, and assist in an online connection test.



"WorldClassroom brought a change to students in their future career"

Mr. Hideaki Chinen (English Teacher)
Yokatsu H.S. in Okinawa

Not only nurture students’ attitudes toward understanding different cultures but also I could bring up students’ motivation in learning English through international cultural exchange with Thailand. Since this online cultural exchange broadened those junior students’ horizons, there was a change in their career paths after graduation!


"Students found a value in communicating in their second language."

Ms. Nazan Nak (English Teacher)
Şehremini H.S. in Turkey

Students can use language in a real context, in a real-life setting. They earned confidence in speaking in English. With the program, they had a chance to practice English. Also, students are very much interested in learning about Japan. English is not a subject! Learning language is regarding finding value in communicating with the language.


"Wonderful to exchange ideas and culture"

Ms. Cindy Chiang (English Teacher)
國立嘉義女子高級中學 in Taiwan

It's really wonderful to watch students speaking English and exchanging ideas and culture. The cross-cultural experience is important since students may work with people who have different cultural backgrounds in the future.


"Students from all over the world communicate each other"

Student from Turkey

I like the idea of students from all over the world being able to communicate with each other.


"We knew what we wanted to convey!"

Student from Taiwan

It’s an interesting experience. Thanks for holding the activity. I had an unforgettable talk with my partners. Although we can’t talk to each other fluently, we knew what they were trying to convey. I thought we succeeded!


"Unforgettable experience"

Student from Turkey

It was an unforgettable experience. I want to attend again.
Thank you so much.


WorldClassroom staff meets you online for your assistance! We will answer your questions and listen to your needs.



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English learning and intercultural experiences.
First, we connect schools in Japan to abroad online. Then students will introduce themselves in small groups. In the small group session, students can give presentations regarding their culture and hometown each other. For more information, please contact us. We will provide you with more examples!
No, the common language is English, but the aim of the program is to exchange students’ cultures.
Based on the topic/activities decided among the participating schools and WorldClassroom staff, we kindly ask teachers to help students enable them to do a self-introduction in simple English and give a cultural presentation*. (*Only if it is decided as the activity) Prior to the cultural exchange class, WorldClassroom staff will share with you the topics and the activities through an online video meeting; You will get to meet your counterpart school in the meeting before the exchange class, too!
We will do our best to meet your needs, but there are times when it is difficult to accommodate your requests due to the schedule of the partner school. Regarding age, we adjust the age group as closely as possible.