【Release】the WorldClassroom Ambassadors

WorldClassroom is currently in use in 40 countries around the world, and We are pleased to announce the appointment of these five individuals as ambassadors to further promote the use of WorldClassroom in each country. Ambassadors will be appointed to serve as bridges between their countries and Japan and will work with local educators to expand this initiative with WorldClassroom and to return the impact and benefits to the local community in the world.

WorldClassroom Ambassadors

🇮🇩 Bali, Indonesia

Ms. Desak Made Uttaryan

SchoolSD No. 2 Gulingan
ProfessionHeadmaster of SD No. 2 Gulingan

As Teacher, I really like that my Students have the opportunity to learn English through Hello World! Our students get real learning experience and give them Unforgettable experience and also they become more brave use English and gain more knowledge about japan culture. Thank you Hello World!

🇹🇷 Istanbul, Turkey

Ms. Nazan Nak

SchoolŞehremini Anatolian High School, İstanbul, Türkiye
ProfessionEnglish Language Teacher and Head of the English Department

“WorldClassroom Fosters Cultural Fluency and Communication Skills WorldClassroom enriched our learning with online cultural exchanges. My students developed empathy and communication skills through online exchange meetings. As a teacher, I witnessed increased cultural competency, enthusiasm for learning English, and language fluency, preparing students for a globally connected world.”

🇹🇼 Chiayi, Taiwan

Michelle Chen / 陳瀅卉

SchoolChiayi County Yung Ching Senior High School
ProfessionEnglish teacher

WorldClassroom provides valuable opportunities for my students to connect with the world while motivating them to use English in real contexts. It also offers well-organized online sessions to keep students engaged in the process. I will strongly recommend it you all!