【Okinawa City Board of Education】Make the world closer!

Junior high school students from Okinawa city joined a WorldClassroom Online Cross-Cultural Exchange Class.

13 students from junior high schools in Okinawa city enjoyed the cross-cultural exchange class with their peers from countries including Turkey and the U.S.A! It was so impressive how all the students try to communicate with each other through quizzes and presentations about the hometowns of the participants. Good job everyone!

WorldClassroom オンライン国際交流授業

Let’s get to know each other! ~ICE BREAKERS~

The students played a trivia quiz as an icebreaker! The questions were made to introduce the home countries of the volunteers. The level of difficulty varied and some were easy! although, there were also some difficult questions that surprised them! It seems like they kicked out the class with so much excitement!

Quiz: “Which flower symbolizes Malaysia?”
~Students showing fingers to answer the question~

Small group talk time made students even more engaged!

In small group talk time, the students were divided into groups of three to four people. The talk time started with a self-introduction and they introduced Okinawa and Japan in English! There were also presentations about the hometowns of their peers’ countries! They enjoyed asking questions and also having free conversations in their second language. It seems like they had cultivated their friendships as they have had fun communicating in English!

Students were excited to talk about topics which are popular among teenagers, such as “how to spend the weekend” and “studying”!
Exchanging culture by introducing Japanese food and sightseeing spots!

Participation Awards! Everyone did a great job!

All students who participated in the cross-cultural exchange session received a participation award, handed by Mr. Yogi from the Okinawa city Board of Education. These students’ smiles showed their feelings of accomplishment! Everyone did a great job with all the preparatory study, Machinaka Ryugaku, and on the day of the cultural exchange program!

Participation award, handed by Mr. Yogi from the Okinawa city Board of Education.
Big smile!

Students’ happy voice has arrived one after another!

“It was harder to speak English than I thought, but I enjoyed the conversation so much! Even though I cannot speak English perfectly, putting words together helped me communicate so now I feel more confident in speaking English. This experience made me think to practice English conversation more and want to study the language.”
From a student from Okinawa

I became nervous when I thought “I can only use English!” In the first session, I was too nervous that I couldn’t talk much. Though I could talk more in the second session and even find things in common with my peers! When I couldn’t pronounce “phrase”, I was a bit nervous again…! I will work on my pronunciation!
From a student from Okinawa

What’s WorldClassroom?

An online cross-cultural exchange & English education platform that is widely utilized in public schools in Japan and overseas. You can communicate with people around the world as you take classes in your own classroom. WorldClassroom enables you to use English as a lingua franca in today’s world. (33 schools, which accompany 15,000 students joined our program in 2022)

In Japan, a cross-cultural exchange class normally requires a lot of preparation so teachers could only hold it once or twice a year. Aiming to infuse and implement more cross-cultural exchange classes handy in schools, we are beefing up the usability of WorldClassroom! This will support each class and each teacher to plan and do cross-cultural exchange sessions remarkably easy to get done!

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