【Online Communication Made Taiwan and Okinawa More Close to Each Other!】Agarie Junior High School (Nago, Okinawa) had Cultural Exchange Class with students from Taiwan!

Hello all!

We are happy to announce that WorldClassroom has been utilized in many classrooms in Okinawa!

7th-grade students from Agarie junior high school in Nago city, Okinawa had a WorldClassroom Online International Cultural Exchange class with students from Taiwan.

Students from Taiwan and Okinawa enjoyed a trivia quiz and presentations regarding each country made students willing to get to know their peers more! We were impressed to see them eagerly communicating with each other.

WorldClassroom Online International Cultural Exchange Class

Breaking the Ice!

A trivia quiz was chosen as an ice-breaker!
Three quizzes from each country were presented. Agarie junior high school students enjoyed answering questions about Taiwan and learning about the culture and food of their peers.

Great Excitement during the trivia quiz about Taiwan!
Showing the answers with fingers eagerly to answer the quizzes!

Let’s Have Conversations!

Students of two to four people got in one small group to have more conversations! Those students started with a self-introduction in English and discuss topics such as “school life in Japan”, “school lunch”, and “Japanese school uniforms”. Okinawan students answered questions from Taiwanese students, moreover, they got to ask their peers’ favorite food to get to know more about each other. There was a natural flow of conversations between students from Taiwan and Okinawa during the free talk timeーhaving a great time communicating with each otherー seemed to make them want to interact more!

Agarie JHS students were able to ask questions in English from “favorite food” to “favorite ice cream flavors”! Experiencing the feelings of “getting my meaning across in English”!

Smile! With a Feeling of Accomplishment

At the end of the session, students had a group photo! Both sides of the students were waving their hands at each other as if they were already missing the cultural exchange class. When WorldClassroom staff interviewed those students, they said “It was fun!”, “I want to do it again”, and “I was able to understand what my peers said” with feelings of accomplishment.

Waving hands each other as if they were already missing the cultural exchange class

Students’ happy voice has arrived one after another!

We got a lot of comments from students from Taiwan and Agarie junior high school. Those implied how much those students enjoyed the cultural exchange class through daily topics such as Anime and food. They were shy at the beginning as it was their first time, however, everyone was actively engaged in the conversations.

“We think we did a good job greeting each other!”
“I was glad that I could communicate well with my peers from Taiwan!”
From a student from Agarie junior high school

”I asked about my peers’ favorite Anime! They said they like Attack on Titan! They also said they know ONE PIECE!!!”
From a student from Agarie junior high school

I am very happy to have this opportunity to communicate with Japanese students. This is my first conversation with a Japanese student. Hope to have more opportunities like this in the future!

From a student from Taiwan

I am so happy that I can join this program. I think I learn a lot from this short talk.

From a student from Taiwan

International Exchange through WorldClassroom

*WorldClassroom is a platform that connects people of the same generation around the world while promoting international exchange. It uses artificial intelligence and automatic translation to help both children and students acquire language skills. At the same time, the automatic evaluation system reduces the burden on teachers and allows them to focus on other aspects of teaching.

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